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Mad Max: A Blueprint For Action - 2015-05-25 15:33:00

Mad Max: A Blueprint For Action

Mad Max: Fury Road has been called many things – a feminist film, a Hollywood summer blockbuster with brains – but it’s also the perfect

Mad Max: Feminist Road - 2015-05-19 03:02:51

Mad Max: Feminist Road

The Mad Max franchise is known to be one of the most influential post-apocalyptic franchises. It began in 1979 when Mel Gibson starred as Max

Mad Max: Fury Road (Movie) Review 6

Mad Max: Fury Road (Movie) Review

At the tender age of 70, writer/director George Miller should theoretically be curling up with a good book at resting on his laurels at this

Prometheus (Movie) Review 2

Prometheus (Movie) Review

For DVD hoarding movie nerds and pale faced sci-fi geeks, there’s no film of the summer more widely anticipated than Prometheus.

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