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Nightwing Rebirth #1 (Comic) Review 1

Nightwing Rebirth #1 (Comic) Review

As many throughout the franchise’s long history have pointed out, sometimes the most interesting Batman stories are those who don’t involve the Dark Knight himself.

Batman and Robin Eternal (Comic) Review

Batman and Robin Eternal (Comic) Review

Batman and Robin Eternal is DC’s second attempt at a weekly serial and while it has its moments of intrigue and suspense, nothing quite matches

Batman: Bad Blood (Movie) Review 2

Batman: Bad Blood (Movie) Review

I’ve been pretty conflicted about Warner Brothers Animation’s recent string of Batman adventures. On the one hand, they’ve loosely adapted one of my all time

Psychoanalyzing Batman

Psychoanalyzing Batman

Anyone who dresses up like a rodent and fights crime could be classified a neurotic mess.

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