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Little Dragons Cafe Review 6

Little Dragons Cafe Review

If you’re familiar at all with my writing, then you know how deeply I love the Harvest Moon franchise. It is from this love that

Card Hunter (PC) Review

Card Hunter (PC) Review

There’s a reason why playing Dungeons & Dragons is so much fun; not only is it a chance to meet with friends, but its open-ended

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Review

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Review

Generally speaking, Dreamworks’ thriving animation department has always been the poor relation to Pixar. The Shrek series became a parody of itself almost instantly and

Dragon Age II (XBOX 360) Review 1

Dragon Age II (XBOX 360) Review

A Return To Thedas BioWare has been on a something of a roll the last few years. Their two new original franchises, Mass Effect and

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