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Driveclub VR (PS4) Review 6

Driveclub VR (PS4) Review

 |  Bella Lara Blondeau
Driveclub is kind of a blemish on Sony’s recent history. The long-promised PS Plus version took ages to finally materialize, on top of the game being consistently delayed. Worse yet, the game’s underperformance and troubled development cycle led to Sony shuttering Evolution Studios earlier this year. The real kicker to all of this, though, is […]
Driveclub VR Review Round-Up 1

Driveclub VR Review Round-Up

 |  Ana Valens
Driveclub VR was one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation VR titles this year, and for good reason. Racing is one of the best genres for virtual reality units, showcasing the thrill and immersion that headsets can bring for players. But, like many burgeoning technologies, time is necessary to allow virtual reality conventions to settle. […]
Driveclub VR Coming Exclusively to PS VR in 2016

Driveclub VR Coming Exclusively to PS VR in 2016

 |  Kenneth Shepard
Driveclub VR will be a PlayStation VR launch window title; Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced.
Driveclub VR Rated By ESRB 1

Driveclub VR Rated By ESRB

 |  Ryan Burden
Driveclub’s virtual reality debut finally has an ESRB rating, suggesting the project is still in development and ready for full release. The ESRB typically evaluates a game’s content, including any violence, sexual content, language, controlled substances, gambling and more. Driveclub VR received a rated of “E” for Everyone, meaning the content is suitable for anyone above the age […]
Opinion: The Future of Sony's First Party Studios 4

Opinion: The Future of Sony’s First Party Studios

 |  Aleksander Gilyadov
Ever since the PlayStation 4 launched back in 2013, the system has been lacking in quality, first-party exclusives.
Evolution studios picked up by Codemasters 4

Evolution studios picked up by Codemasters

 |  Cole Watson
Evolution Studios, the developer of PlayStation exclusive games such as Motorstorm and Driveclub, will be merging with Grid and Dirt series developer Codemasters on April 25 after being dropped by Sony.
Sony shuts down Evolution Studios 2

Sony shuts down Evolution Studios

 |  Jesse Lyle
Evolution Studios, developers of games such as World Rally Championship, MotorStorm, and most recently Driveclub, was shut down by Sony on Tuesday. With the delays and online problems of Driveclub, along with losing 55 people just last year, the studio has struggled recently. It seems that Sony has now made the tough decision of shutting it […]
Driveclub VR (PS4) Review

Big Update for DriveClub Announced

 |  William Dixon
DriveClub owners can look forward to the new update this month as it adds 6 “Scotland – Old Town” tracks, a new hardcore handling mode, as well as new level caps and general improvements based on community feedback all for free.
Big Announcements From PlayStation at Paris Games Week 1

Big Announcements From PlayStation at Paris Games Week

 |  Melanie Emile
Today, Sony gave their conference at Paris Games Week and introduced players to an influx of new information.
Driveclub PS Plus Edition Delayed Indefinitly - 2014-11-03 08:42:28

Driveclub PS Plus Edition Delayed Indefinitly

 |  Brendan Frye
Before the PS4 came out, Drive Club was one of the games that was being thrown around as a special bonus for any lucky to be on the PS Plus service. It would be a selection of the game that would be released for free that would give players a taste of the full experience. […]

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