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Developer Renegade Kid Breaks in Two

Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove of the development studio Renegade Kid announced today that after a decade long partnership, the two will be going their

Poor sales for the Wii U - 2013-01-30 21:28:47

Poor sales for the Wii U

The Wii U isn’t doing as well as Nintendo hoped, with poor sales all around for the console.

Scribblenauts Unlimited (Wii U) Review 1

Scribblenauts Unlimited (Wii U) Review

When the collection of Wii U launch titles was announced, Scribblenauts Unlimited probably wasn’t one that caused potential early adopters to dance a jig of

Pokemon Black/White Version 2 (DS) Review 1

Pokemon Black/White Version 2 (DS) Review

Another Pokemon game? The release of a new Pokemon game shouldn’t surprise anyone. As one of Nintendo’s top selling games, the company has begun to

Battleship (DS) Review 1

Battleship (DS) Review

If ever there was a movie destined to get a tie in game, it’s Battleship. After all the turn-based board game on which that terrible,

Pokémon: Black and White (DS) Review 1

Pokémon: Black and White (DS) Review

When the first images of Pokémon: Black and White appeared and Zoroark, a dark, fox-like Pokémon was revealed an unbridled giddiness ran through my core.

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