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A Quiet Place (2018) Review 5

A Quiet Place (2018) Review

Horror films, like popcorn action flicks, are a tough nut to crack. Sometimes they’re littered with cheap jump scares and gore to try to elicit

The Girl On The Train (Movie) Review

The Girl On The Train (Movie) Review

The Girl On The Train has been made and marketed to try to trick audiences into thinking that it’s Gone Girl. Fair enough. Not only

Edge Of Tomorrow Movie Review 3

Edge Of Tomorrow Movie Review

I’ve got to admit that I sat down in the theater to watch Edge Of Tomorrow with a sense of dread. The last two Tom

Looper (Movie) Review 2

Looper (Movie) Review

Looper might be arriving on screens in late September, but dial back the release about a month or so and this thing would easily be

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review 1

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review

Like all Hollywood adaptations of the writings of Philip K. Dick, The Adjustment Bureau takes one of the influential author’s sci-fi thought experiments and transforms

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