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Cgmpodcast Episode 116 - Xbox And Anarchy - 2014-07-18 09:36:32

CGMPodcast Episode 116 – Xbox and Anarchy

 |  Melanie Emile
On this week’s CGM podcast, Microsoft has good news for the Xbox division with doubled sales, and bad news for 18,000 employees who are now out of a job. Phil watches The Purge: Anarchy and it’s not the anarchic party that everyone was hoping for. Finally, retro hits like Another World return to new machines […]
Junction Point Studio Closes - 2013-01-29 21:04:11

Junction point studio closes

 |  Victoria Brown
Known for their development of Epic Mickey, Junction Point’s Austin, Texas studio has closed along with the resignation of Warren Spector, former President at Junction Point and Disney Interactive, from Disney.
Disney Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion (3Ds) Review 1

Disney Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion (3DS) Review

 |  Phil Brown
With freshly pressed discs of Epic Mickey 2 currently spinning in every platform known to man, Mickey’s first side-scrolling platformer since the ancient 16-bit days has slipped onto shelves with little notice. Since it’s also got Epic Mickey in the title, I’m sure most people assume that it’s a 3DS port. Well, not so fast […]

CGPodcast December 07, 2012

 |  Brendan Frye
This week on the CGpodcast Melanie is out of the office so Scott Dixon, C&G’s very own layout expect is joining the crew. Wayne talks about Epic Mickey and why it really does not live up to what you have come to expect from great games. Tim talks about Far Cry 3 and how the […]

CGPodcast November 30, 2012

 |  Brendan Frye
This weeks CGPodcast is all about games and the games the CG crew have been playing. Tim talks about how Lego Lord of the Rings has the biggest scope he has ever seen in lego games and looks at why the online of Black Ops 2 is more fun than the single Player. Wayne talks […]
Man Behind The Mouse: An Interview With Warren Spector 3

Man Behind The Mouse: an Interview With Warren Spector

 |  Justin Amirkhani
Let’s get the banal question out of the way. Who are you, and tell us about the game? I’m Warren Spector, the creative director at Junction Point which is part of Disney Interactive Studios. The game is Disney Epic Mickey, goal one is to make Mickey as big of a star in video games as […]
Building A Better Mouse With Disney'S Epic Mickey 2

Building a Better Mouse With Disney’s Epic Mickey

 |  Wayne Santos
In the year 2028, Mickey Mouse will have been entertaining children for 100 years. That means the mouse that built an entertainment empire has already been hard at work for 82 years. He’s become a generational pop culture, and even if he’s been no stranger to video games in that time, his latest outing is […]

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