Animator Confirms Final Evangelion Film In Production

Animator Confirms Final Evangelion Film In Production

It’s been a long road since the Rebuild of Evangelion project was announced. Over a decade, in fact. While three of the films have seen release, all has been quiet on the Eastern front for a few years regarding the final film.

After that long period of silence, followed by some half-confirmations by series mastermind Hideaki Anno, an animator has finally confirmed work is being done on the fourth and final Rebuild project.

“We’re actually working on the new Evangelion film right now,” Takeshi Honda told UK Anime Network in an interview. “We’re working hard and it’ll come out eventually, so thanks for all of your patience – please continue to be patient, because it’s going to be the last episode.”

At another point in the interview, Honda expressed frustration at getting older and Evangelion still not being completed.

“I’m older now and I can’t really do too much drawing with complicated lines as that’s now physically very hard, so I’m just hoping for Evangelion to end properly before I retire!”

The whole interview is pretty eye-opening and interesting, especially in regards to how the anime industry has changed over Honda’s career, and is well worth a read.

However, it’s a pretty big takeaway that Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 is officially in the production stage. Anno has teased it for a long while, and some doubts were cast on the project when he ended up at the helm of this year’s Shin Godzilla. It’s good to know that the project is definitively underway, and one would assume that Anno will retain his role as a secondary director for this last project.

It’s been a crazy twenty-year journey, full of non-endings and a perpetually angry fanbase, but it looks like Neon Genesis Evangelion may finally be in the home stretch. Without a doubt in this writer’s mind, the climax will likely be the source of healthy debate and heated forum wars for years to come.

Godzilla: Resurgence teaser trailer releases

Godzilla: Resurgence teaser trailer releases

A new trailer has released for Toho’s first movie featuring the King of the Monsters in more than a decade, Godzilla: Resurgence. The movie will premiere in Japan this summer on July 29, and will come to North America later this year.

Godzilla: Resurgence is a reboot for the franchise and will take Godzilla back to his dark roots, making the monster into an uncontrollable force of destruction and treated like an incoming natural disaster. The new design for Godzilla makes him look grotesque, now with crusty red scales and a terrifying mouth full of teeth. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but this looks to be the largest Godzilla to date.

Hideki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Shinji Higuchi (Attack on Titan) will be co-directing the film together. Shiro Sagisu (Eva and Aot) will be composing the music for the film, which sounds dark and bleak for humanity’s future.

The Worst Thing Ever for Anime Fans Might Happen

The Worst Thing Ever for Anime Fans Might Happen

In the biggest “wtf” worthy announcement of this month, it has been announced that Michael “Explode everything ever” Bay may want to direct a live-action Neon Genesis Evangelion movie.

According to KDramaStars, in a recent press conference for the newest Transformers movie, Bay was asked if he wanted to direct any other franchise, to which he replied”I don’t know if you are familiar with ‘Evangelion‘ but that’s one movie that I want to direct.”

Apparently when asked if Bay was currently working on it, he “smiled” at the journalist asking the question.

Nothing has been confirmed, but we’re assuming that if true, a large amount of anime fans would be outraged if Bay actually is  in the works to direct the live-action adaptation.


Evangelion 3.0 Comes To Canada

Evangelion 3.0 Comes To Canada 1

Last month, FUNimation announced a list of select theatres across North America premiering the English dub of Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. And luckily, Toronto was part of that list.

The film is premiering in two locations tomorrow (Yonge-Dundas and Silver City Fairview Mall) at 12:55 p.m.. For the unaware, Evangelion is the third of four movies that depict a re-imagining of Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most famous anime of all time.

While it may be too late to buy tickets for these two screenings, there will be another one next week on the 16th (at the same cinemas) at 7:30 p.m. But Toronto isn’t the only place in Canada that’s getting this treatment: Thunder Bay, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Saskatoon and Montreal are just a few of the many other cities premiering the film tomorrow.

For more information on theatre times, click here. Evangelion 3.0 originally released in Japan on November 17th of last year. Now, if only we can get the Persona 3 movie to make its way to Western shores.