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AMC's Preacher Gets a Pilot Date

AMC’s Preacher Gets a Pilot Date

Fans of the comic series Preacher have a date to set on their calendars. AMC announced today the pilot airs on Sun. May 29, 2016,

Fear of the Unknown 12

Fear of the Unknown

I can still vividly remember the night I spent trying to sleep with the lights on after going to see The Blair Witch Project at

Fear Itself #6 Review 2

Fear Itself #6 Review

Fear Itself has been an odd crossover in many ways, with more ups and downs than a rollercoater, bumpy story beats, inconsistent pacing, inaccurate characterization

Fear Itself #5 Review 2

Fear Itself #5 Review

Fear Itself has been a very frustrating mini-series on many different levels, because although it hasn’t lived up to part of its promise, it has

Fear Itself: FF #1 Review

Fear Itself: FF #1 Review

Given how the actual “FF” comic is sidestepping involvement in “Fear Itself”, despite The Thing being transformed into one of The Worthy, it makes sense

FEAR 3 (PS3) Review 1

FEAR 3 (PS3) Review

F.3.A.R. is a first-person horror shooter developed by Day 1 Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive. While the shooting is competent and being able to play

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