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Blood Of Heroes

Blood of Heroes is getting a PC Closed Beta on May 4th

 |  Dennis B Price
Dark Souls and For Honor-inspired game, Blood of Heroes is getting a closed beta on May 4th. The game will launch later this year on PC and consoles.
Fight For Your Honor In Season 3

Ubisoft Wants You To Fight For Honor In Its Upcoming Third Season

 |  Jesse Cabral
Ubisoft has just announced that For Honor is getting a third season that is going to launch across all platforms on August 15, 2017.
Ubisoft And Esl Announce For Honor Hero Series Tournament 2

Ubisoft and ESL Announce For Honor Hero Series Tournament

 |  Zubi Khan
Ubisoft and ESL, the World’s largest eSports network have announced the first ever For Honor Series in a new tournament with $10,000 in cash prizes.
For Honor Review - A Great Western Fighter 1

For Honor Review – A Great Western Fighter

 |  Cole Watson
Fighting games are one of the hardest genres in the video game industry for developers to tackle.
For Honor Preview: Knights Vs Vikings Vs Samurai 6

For Honor Preview: Knights Vs Vikings Vs Samurai

 |  Brendan Quinn
For Honor is an upcoming multi-player focused action game from Ubisoft that pits Knights, Vikings and Samurai against each other in visceral, online melee combat. The Alpha took place this weekend and CGM was lucky enough to participate.  Now, for the record, this journalist knew very little about the game outside of the above facts. However, […]
Cgm E32016 Ubisoft Post Show 1

CGM E32016 Ubisoft Post Show

 |  Jordan Biordi
Shak and Jordan discuss the Ubisoft E3 press conference. We talk about For Honor, Just Dance, and Steep.
Fight To Survive In &Quot;For Honor&Quot; 2

Fight To Survive In “For Honor”

 |  Jesse Lyle
We were given a taste of For Honor at last year’s panel with multiplayer action, but this year, Ubisoft dropped some details and showed us the single player aspect of the game. In a world torn asunder, both physically and with its people, the campaign will see you take on three roles: Either as a […]
The Best Of E3 2015 - Reid 2

The Best of E3 2015 – Reid

 |  Reid McCarter
The E3 press conferences are, if past events are any indication, something of a preview for the 12 months to come. Not only do they reveal upcoming videogames, but the general tenor of the industry’s mainstream during the following year as well. And so, with this in mind, it seems worthwhile to go through a […]

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