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Money Monster (Movie) Review

Money Monster (Movie) Review

There are two sides to the new glossy Hollywood thriller Money Monster. On one hand, it’s attempting to be a big, dumb, high concept thriller,

Tomorrowland (Movie) Review 7

Tomorrowland (Movie) Review

Isn’t it funny how futurism has changed? Back when The World’s Fair presented a shiny plastic paradise to look forward to and Walt Disney designed

The Top Ten Genre Movies of 2013 12

The Top Ten Genre Movies of 2013

You might have been too busy playing games and anticipating new consoles to notice, but 2013 was actually one of the best years for movies

Gravity (Movie) Review 3

Gravity (Movie) Review

I’m not big on hyperbole, but every once in a while a movie comes along that deserves it. Gravity is one of those movies. This

Ten Genre Films To Watch At TIFF 2013 3

Top Ten Genre Movies of TIFF 2014

Well, it’s that time a year again. The Toronto Film Festival has come to town with all of the celebrities, filmmakers, egos, talent, and of

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