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Ghost In The Shell: First Assault Shuts Down In December

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Shuts Down in December

 |  Zubi Khan
Ghost in the Shell: First Assault will be shutting down.
Pixels &Amp; Ink #243 - Ghost In The Persona

Pixels & Ink #243 – Ghost in the Persona

 |  Cody Orme
On this episode of Pixels and Ink, Cody, Phil and Brendan talk about the most offensive ads in gaming. Phil saw The Void and Ghost in the Shell, while Cody and Brendan talk about Everything and Persona 5.
Ghost In The Shell Underperforms In Box Office

Ghost in the Shell Underperforms in Box Office

 |  Remington Joseph
The box office numbers for Paramount’ 2017 Ghost in the Shell film have been released and the results are less than stellar.
Pixels &Amp; Ink #242 - Nathan Stark

Pixels & Ink #242 – Nathan Stark

 |  Cody Orme
On this week’s episode of the Pixels and Ink Podcast brought to you by Comics Gaming Magazine, Cody Brendan and Jordan talk about Ghost in the Shell, and if fans should pay to see it on the premise that they want similar content. Phil is out sick this week, instead, Jordan shares his thoughts on […]
Ghost In The Shell Review - Decades Too Late 8

Ghost In The Shell – Decades Too Late (2017) Review

 |  Phil Brown
Mamoru Oshii’s classic 1995 anime Ghost In The Shell—and the 1989 Masamune Shirow manga that inspired it—was one of the most influential science fiction works of its era, animated or otherwise. Most notably, it was a massive visual influence on the Matrix, which in turn inspired the aesthetic of countless Hollywood blockbusters.
It Doesn’t Matter If Ghost In The Shell Lives Up To The Original 4

It Doesn’t Matter if Ghost in the Shell Lives Up to the Original

 |  Andrew Ko
The 2017 moviegoing audience is a world removed from the 1995 Internet-boom generation that Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell animated classic first released to, and it’s two worlds removed from the 1989 steampunk-curious readership of Masamune Shirow’s original manga.
How Anime Will Become Mainstream (And Why It Should) 8

How Anime Will Become Mainstream (And Why it Should)

 |  Adam Nizam
Mainstream culture has an attitude towards anime similar to your relationship with a friend-of-a-friend. You’re vaguely aware they exist, but don’t feel the need to pursue any further relationship.
Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex Starter Pack Giveaway 1

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Starter Pack Giveaway

 |  CGMagazine
CGM is giving away Starter Pack codes for the PC title. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online. While Neople’s Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online is free-to-play, the Starter Pack codes can definitely give players a leg up in their play. Including in-game currency and unlocked […]
Ghost In The Shell And Adapting Anime 3

Ghost in the Shell and Adapting Anime

 |  Adam Nizam
Earlier this month, the trailer for the Hollywood remake of Ghost in the Shell was released. When the first still images were released months ago, the internet reacted in anger towards the role of the Major, originally a Japanese cyborg named Motoko Kusanagi, being played by the American Scarlett Johansson. However, with the recent release […]
Paramount Releases First Ghost In The Shell Trailer

Ghost In The Shell’s First Trailer Debuts

 |  Bella Lara Blondeau
The live-action Ghost in the Shell movie has been in development for over a decade at this point. It’s bounced from live-action, to all-CG, back to live-action over all those years, and even had Steven Spielberg attached at one point. Yet like most anime films, it seemed to be perpetually stuck in development hell. But after a […]

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