Goat Simulator Coming to Xbox One

Goat Simulator Coming to Xbox One

Can’t get enough Goat Simulator? Or maybe you didn’t play it the first time around. Regardless of your reasons, if you really want it, Goat Simulator is coming to Xbox One.

This is kind of random. The hype of this game has cooled off, and everyone who really wanted it probably played it by now. But I guess it broadens the reach for the game. But there still isn’t any word of a PlayStation 4 or Wii U.

If you really need to get your hands on this and have an Xbox One, it’s set for an April release.

Goat Simulator now Simulates MMO

Goat Simulator now Simulates MMO

Coffee Stain Studios has announced a big, free update for the already ridiculous Goat Simulator game. The patch will add MMO simulation on top of the goat simulation so although, sadly, there is still no true goat-based MMO, you can now simulate what a goat MMO might be like.

The game will have 6 classes including tank, rouge (that’s right rouge, not rogue), magician, hunter, no class (for goat purists), and microwave.

I don’t know what to say. It’s a microwave with legs.

It has your traditional, fantasy setting and by the looks of the trailer you can expect a lot of wink and nudge type jokes directed at other massively multiplayer online games.

It looks like the same outrageous and hilarious game, with out of control physics and spit-take inducing bugs, but now with fetch quests, fish people, and a 101 level cap. The game simulates everything anyone has ever loved or hated about MMO’s from the annoying in-game chat, to faction wars between goats and sheep.

The game is available now on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as on the Apple App Store for iOS, and the Google Play Store for Android.

Bear Simulator Passes its Kickstarter Goal

Bear Simulator Passes its Kickstarter Goal

Reaching a milestone that has forest rangers and bear fans alike rejoicing, Farjay Studios’ Bear Simulator has surpassed its 29,000 Kickstarter goal and currently rests at $30, 421 with 25 days left in its campaign.

Looking to fill the FPB (first-person bear) niche genre, Bear Simulator allows players the chance to play as a bear, hunting for food and attempting to fulfill basic survival needs while exploring secrets across the world that will, according to the developer, “blow your mind.” Survival isn’t the only purpose of the game, however; yes, fishing and exploration will be important in Bear Simulator, but there’s a bigger, more mysterious quest at hand that players will be able to complete while fishing and potentially discovering Bigfoot.

“While fumbling about on your crazy bear adventure you may come upon curious things that stand out from the generic tree or frog,” the Kickstarter page notes. “This all has to do with the grand Bear Simulator quest that will explore the mysterious heritage of bears with a storyline so compelling it will win several Oscars including Best Lead Actor.”

Being that the game’s alpha is mostly completed, Farjay Studios is looking for backer money to help complete the game and give it a final layer of polish. Modeling, hardware, licensing fees, and freelance contractor payments are just a handful of expenses the developer notes the Kickstarter money will go toward. A release on Steam is targeted later this year.

Backers are eligible for a variety of prizes depending on the amount of money they pledge, including copies of the game, unique bear skins, mysterious keys to unlock in-game rewards, and the ability to have a personalized item appear on Kickstarter Island, a section of the game devoted to celebrating those brave souls whose sole desire is to harness the power of the ursa major via the interactive medium.

The fact that the game is labeled as being “Skyrim as a bear” is enough to get me excited to play. Between Goat Simulator, Surgeon Simulator 2013, and even Catlateral Damage, there’s been an influx of games recently that have placed you in unusual roles that often lead to hilarious and entertaining results. From the look of it, Bear Simulator is no different. Visit their Kickstarter page to learn more, and check out a trailer of the game below.