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The Accountant (Movie) Review

The Accountant (Movie) Review

There are a number of ways to title an action movie. Generally, these titles involve a promise of excitement and explosions. They don’t even necessarily

Zootopia (Movie) Review 7

Zootopia (Movie) Review

Here’s something unsurprising: Disney has made a new animated film starring talking animals about the importance of acceptance. Now, here’s something surprising: that movie is

Terminator Genisys (Movie) Review

Terminator Genisys (Movie) Review

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped running California for long enough to appear in movies again, another Terminator sequel was inevitable. After all, he promised he’d

Portal 2 (PS3) Review 3

Portal 2 (PS3) Review

You’ll Be Abused & Like It Portal 2 is better than the original. It is also probably a safe shoe-in for funniest game of 2011,

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