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Just Cause 3 expands to the sky 1

Just Cause 3 Expands to the Sky

By William Dixon - Feb 18, 2016

The physics-based explosive playground that is Just Cause 3 is getting its first DLC expansion, Sky Fortress, which is all apart of the Air, Land & Sea DLC pack. Sky Fortress … Read more

Pixels & Ink #183 - Fundip and Pop-Tarts - 2015-12-11 14:24:28

Pixels & Ink #183 – Fundip and Pop-Tarts

By Brendan Frye - Dec 11, 2015

This week Melanie returns but Phil is absent.

Let's Play Just Cause 3 - 2015-11-30 16:22:15

Let’s Play Just Cause 3

By Cody Orme - Nov 30, 2015

With Just Cause 3 launching this week, Cody and Jordan spent some time with the game. They discovered a world filled with just the right amount of Chaos to make … Read more

No Micro Transactions for Just Cause 3 - 2014-11-12 16:23:03

No Micro Transactions for Just Cause 3

By Edward Bayley - Nov 12, 2014

Avalanche Studios has officially announced that they are working on Just Cause 3. The third iteration of the series was the cover story for GameInformer’s December issue. GameInformer released a … Read more

Just Cause 3 Goes To Greece - 2014-11-11 15:03:09

Just Cause 3 Goes To Greece

By Wayne Santos - Nov 11, 2014

Thanks to Game Informer, fans of Not-Gang-Related open world mayhem are now quivering in their boots over the announcement that Avalanche Studios, who is still hard at work on that … Read more