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CGM Plays: No Man's Sky

CGM Plays: No Man’s Sky

Cody guides Shak through No Man’s Sky as they do a Let’s Play of one of the year’s most anticipated games. They go over resource

CGM Plays: Furi 1

CGM Plays: Furi

Cody and Shak sit down to check out the latest PS Plus offering, Furi and make as many terrible fury related puns as possible.

Forge-ing the Best way to Livestream

Forge-ing the new way to Livestream

The easiest way for people to broadcast gaming experiences just got easier. Forge announced its new livestreaming feature with Twitch and YouTube, enabling gamers to

Let's Play: Doom Beta

Let’s Play: Doom Beta

Classic Cody and Lisa Awesome sit down and experience a blast from the past with the latest iteration of the classic series, DOOM.

Let's Play: WildSnake 2

Let’s Play: WildSnake

Mel and Jordan go head-to-head to see who is the best snake handler around. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Let’s Play: Far Cry Primal

Liana is the ultimate beast master and hunts gassy elk in Far Cry Primal. Subscribe to our antics on YouTube! 

CGM Let's Play: Layers of Fear

CGM Let’s Play: Layers of Fear

Cody and Intern Will play Layers of Fear. Cody has a hard time dealing with all the spooky. Subscribe to our YouTube channel! 

Let's Play: Shadow of the Ninja

Let’s Play: Shadow of the Ninja

Ninja-Jordan tries to unleash Ninja Justice in a corrupt world… or something, the back story stays on the screen for like five seconds.

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