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Konami announces HD Silent Hill Collection and new NGP title

 |  Todd Campbell
The publisher will be fielding questions about multiple Silent Hill titles at this year’s E3.

Sony stopping production of the PSPgo

 |  Luke Bailey
The redesigned handheld will soon be nothing but a memory.  

Sony’s NGP on track for 2011 North American release

 |  Todd Campbell
Last month’s earthquake will not affect the North American launch of Sony’s new handheld.

Sony’s Jack Tretton calls 3DS a “babysitting tool”

 |  Luke Bailey
The SCEA boss says that no self-respecting adult gamer would be caught dead with Nintendo’s new handheld.

Sony Japan dismisses reports about NGP launch delay

 |  Eric Weiss
Despite earlier comments, the electronics giant claims that the recent earthquake will not affect the launch of the new handheld.

Earthquake may delay Sony’s NGP

 |  Eric Weiss
The Tokyo Game Show, however, will not be affected by the disaster.

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