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Oculus Lines up a Horror Game for Launch

Oculus Lines up Some Scares for Launch

With the launch of the much-anticipated Oculus Rift just around the corner, they’ve already pulled in Ape Law’s psychological horror title, Albino Lullaby, as a

The Babadook (Movie) Review 6

The Babadook (Movie) Review

For Canadian horror fans, this weekend is a cause for celebration. At long last The Babadook can be seen (at least, through official commercial channels).

Escape From Tomorrow (Movie) Review 4

Escape From Tomorrow (Movie) Review

As a first time filmmaker, there are many ways to get your film noticed. However, writer/director Randy Moore certainly deserves bonus points for creativity on

A New Kirby Announced...But Do We Want It?

A New Kirby Announced…But Do We Want It?

Nintendo announced an upcoming Kirby title for the 3DS during the Nintendo Direct presentation today. The trailer shows the classic Kirby side-scrolling action which involves

Knights in the Nightmare (DS) Review 9

Knights in the Nightmare (DS) Review

Atlus has enough goodwill to burn these days. It’s hard to imagine another publisher taking the chances they do with what they choose to release.

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