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Oculus Rift Lawsuit Ends

Oculus Rift Lawsuit Ends

The verdict is in for the ZeniMax vs. Oculus ([stock_quote symbol=”NASDAQ:FB” show=”symbol”]) lawsuit and ZeniMax has won the trial.

Superhot VR (Oculus Rift) review 1

Superhot VR (Oculus Rift) Review

It’s weird having played Superhot on PC before I played the virtual reality version, because the latter truly feels like it’s everything it was meant

Oculus Rift (Hardware) Review 1

Oculus Rift (Hardware) Review

Almost half a year after its initial release, the Oculus Rift’s status as a piece of high-end consumer technology has been overshadowed by its larger

Eagle Flight (Oculus Rift) Review 2

Eagle Flight (Oculus Rift) Review

Virtual reality is still in its infancy and I’m already tired of playing VR flying games. Nevertheless Ubisoft’s first virtual reality game, Eagle Flight, managed

SUPERHYPERCUBE Axes Oculus Support

SUPERHYPERCUBE Axes Oculus Support

Following the news that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was behind a pro-Donald Trump NPO, one developer has already distanced themselves from the Oculus Rift. Polytron

Pop VR at TIFF Brings Cinema to Life 3

Pop VR at TIFF Brings Cinema to Life

Editor’s Note: I was requested to hold off on speaking about one of the videos shown off for this event, when that loose embargo lifts,

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