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State of Decay 2 (Xbox One) Review 6

State of Decay 2 (Xbox One) Review

The zombie survival sim State of Decay released nearly five years ago with a remastered version releasing just two years later. Its sequel was announced

Wizard of Legend (Switch) Review 6

Wizard of Legend (Switch) Review

Wizard of Legend is a co-op roguelike dungeon crawler set in a contemporary fantasy world and is also the debut title from Contigent99.

Ash of Gods: Redemption (PC) Review 1

Ash of Gods: Redemption (PC) Review

It’s good to have heroes. Having someone to look up to can be a beacon in the darkness, guiding us along the way through scary

Extinction (PlayStation 4) Review 3

Extinction (PlayStation 4) Review

All right, let me set the scene for you. Your people are in danger. The enemy’s ground forces are already inside the city, attacking innocent

The Swords of Ditto (PC) Review 2

The Swords of Ditto (PC) Review

I’ve heard the term “cartoon renaissance” bandied about quite a bit over the past couple of years. Shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe shine

Frostpunk (PC) Review

Frostpunk (PC) Review

Frostpunk is incredibly bleak. In the face of extreme conditions that would kill most, you have to find a way to survive and even thrive

The Adventure Pals (Switch) Review 3

The Adventure Pals (Switch) Review

The Adventure Pals is straight up silly and adorable. Clobbering evil trees while using a giraffe’s tongue to glide around, scoring hits by throwing your

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