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Best of 2016: Hardware

Best of 2016: Hardware

For gaming, 2016 was truly a year of growth. The AAA space started to evolve in major ways, the indie scene produced some truly interesting

Lenovo Zuk Z2 (Phone) Review 1

Lenovo Zuk Z2 (Phone) Review

ZUK has very quickly managed to make a name for themselves by offering top end specs at a budget price. The first offering from this

Huawei Nova Plus (Phone) Review 1

Huawei Nova Plus (Phone) Review

Huawei is my biggest surprise in the smart phone market this year. It seems like the Chinese tech company cranked it up to 11 in

Huawei Honor 8 (Phone) Review

Huawei Honor 8 (Phone) Review

I’m a firm believer in the idea that you get what you pay for. Generally, if you pay $600 for a new phone, it will

Moto Z Play (Hardware) Review 4

Moto Z Play (Hardware) Review

The end of the year is one of the most exciting times for tech releases and general nerd stuff, in my opinion. The year’s hottest

Moto Mods (Hardware) Review 9

Moto Mods (Hardware) Review

Modular attachments for smartphones are really starting to pick up steam, and it’s amazing to see where companies will take them. For instance, LG presented

ZTE Axon 7 (Phone) Review

ZTE Axon 7 (Phone) Review

The smartphone flagship space has been getting rather crowded in recent months. Between the OnePlus 3, the Samsung Note 7, and the newly released iPhone

LG G5 (Phone) Review 2

LG G5 (Phone) Review

It’s time to pop back into the world of high-end flagship phones, and this review will discuss the LG G5. This is a damn good

UMI Super (Phone) Review 17

UMI Super (Phone) Review

With the Super, UMI is hoping to tap into the mid-level market with a solid, attractive offering yet a few minor issues hold it back

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