De-Formers: Ready At Dawn’s New Blob Brawler

De-Formers: Ready At Dawn's New Blob Brawler

Ready At Dawn has taken a huge shift in design choices since its last gaming outing. From the gloomy, grey setting of Victorian London in The Order: 1886, to the bright, colorful and weird setting of De-Formers, Ready At Dawn’s new physics-based “blob brawler.”

While there aren’t a lot of details outside of the initial reveal trailer, De-Formers looks to be a fast-paced, multiplayer game, looking similarly in style to that one mini-game in Mario Party 2. Apparently, Ready At Dawn will be working with Gamestop, who will be co-publishing De-formers as part of its new GameTrust initiative.

Players will control a blob in the form of various strange and hilarious animal shapes, hurling themselves at other players to knock them off small platform arenas.

While this game certainly looks like a fun little distraction, whether or not it’s worth a purchase will have to depend on how much ends up in the final version. As of right now, the entire game looks like one mini-game that belongs in a series of games.

As a small, potentially $10-15 dollar offering, De-Formers could probably be a really good time.It will all come down to it’s final price point, and content.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter Crashes into the Vita Next Week

Ethan: Meteor Hunter Crashes into the Vita Next Week

The indie physics puzzle platformer Ethan: Meteor Hunter has been announced for the PlayStation Vita next week.

Seaven Studio Co-founder Olivier Penot confirmed that the game would come out next Tuesday, April 15th  in America and the following day in Europe.

It was first launched last year on PlayStation 3 and PC n October, and was a successfully Greenlit game on Steam in February of this year.

As the telekinetic rat Ethan, players will platform though over fifty levels of physics puzzles.

The game’s physics puzzles are all unscripted to allow the player to complete puzzles in a way that they want.

One of the major changes coming to the Vita version is the ability to use both touch screens, in addition to the shoulder buttons to move and rotate objects in the environment.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter is priced for $9.99 and will be a Cross-buy title. PS Plus subscribers will also receive a 20% discount for the first week it is out.