Sony Confirms PlayStation Neo is Real, Will not Be at E3

Sony Confirms PlayStation Neo is Real, Will not Be at E3

After many reports, and leaks, the PlayStation 4 existence of a new PlayStation 4 model has been confirmed, and it will not be at E3 this year.

The report was confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House in an interview with the Financial Times. Although no name or more concrete details were announced, he did outline that the new PlayStation 4 would co-exist with current models.

“It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4,” he said in a statement to the Financial Times. “We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle.”

House also outlines that going forward that all games would support existing PlayStation 4 systems, and most will support the new more enhanced feature-set of the more robust system. On the development side, he says there should be a “seamless” transition to working on the new platform with “small but manageable” amount of extra work needed to take advantage of the new system.

As for the acceptance of a mid-system upgrade? House points to mobile phone industry as an example of how people accept new technologies as they evolve.

“The consumer is attuned to a different cadence of innovation in technology thanks in great part for the upgrades cadence on mobile phones or PCs,”

No pricing or details on system specs where revealed in the interview, although he did reiterate that PlayStation VR would work on both systems.


Playstation E3 Experience 2016 Announced

Playstation E3 Experience 2016 Announced

If you ever wanted to experience the thrill of crying over videogame announcements with hundreds of other people screaming with you (or at you), then you’re in luck because Sony is bringing E3 to the big screen.

Sony announced on the official PlayStation blog another year of the PlayStation E3 Experience in Canada, the US and for the first time, Latin America. Simulcasting their E3 press conference since 2014, the free event promises tons of exclusive gifts and guarantees a great time.

Playstation E3 Experience 2016 Announced 1

The PlayStation E3 Experience takes fans from their computer to the movie theatre, teaming up with Fathom Events to broadcast the Sony E3 press conference for the second year in a row. In Canada, the E3 Experience will be broadcast in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

The Ontario broadcast is in Toronto at the Scotiabank Theatre. Sign up for the tickets start on May 31st at one o’clock p.m. EST.