Too Human Developer Joins New Studio

Too Human Developer Joins New Studio

From losing the legal battle with Epic Games, to the bizarre child porn charges of his Precursor Games co-founder, to the triple failure on Kickstarter, Silicon Knights founder Dennis Dyack has had quite a run of bad luck over the years. Not a man to be kept down, Dyack is at it again with yet another new company that is aiming to become the Xbox One of game studios by taking videogame IP’s and expanding them into the world of film and television. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Quantum Entanglement Entertainment.

Dyack is teaming up with Jonathan Soon-Shiong, former deputy executive director of strategy and finance for the CBC, and Paul Rapovski, who worked with Dyack on the Too Human game and has a solid background in motion capture technology, a tool their new studio is hoping to capitalize on-Especially so considering their new HQ in Toronto features a complete and cutting edge motion capture studio.

According to Soon-Shiong, the new company aims to create content that “integrates cohesively between channels,” adding that “The backgrounds of the co-founders are highly complementary and fit well with convergence of video games with TV and film.” Dyack himself reiterates this mantra, stating “Technology has pushed the entertainment medium beyond the event horizon, and the opportunities are unprecedented. Together we have the expertise to make an incredible impact on the marketplace with diverse and specialized platforms for original IP.”

The new company is also banking heavily on something called “The Singularity” which is an open forum that allows anybody to contribute ideas and work directly with the developers and executives to help with creating games, TV shows and movies. After three failed attempts on Kickstarter to develop a sequel to the sleeper hit for the Gamecube, Eternal Darkness, it would appear that Dyack still has faith in an open, social media approach to creating fresh content.

On that note, it would appear that the constantly struggling sequel is in fact on the agenda, with Dyack confirming that we will see Shadow of the Eternals someday provided that controversy and bad luck have finally abated and this new studio with bold ambitions can be the success Dyack is banking on.

Precursor Games Halts Eternal Darkness Sequel, Shuts Down

Precursor Games Halts Eternal Darkness Sequel, Shuts Down

In local news, Precursor Games, the small outfit composed of former Silicon Knights members, including Denis Dyack, is shutting down and putting development of Shadow of the Eternals “on hold.” The announcement came on the official Precursor Games forum on Friday morning. The game, which was an unofficial sequel to the original, critically acclaimed Eternal Darkness for Nintendo’s GameCube, was originally placed on Kickstarter to imitate the happy-ending-funding-stories of other unofficial sequels, such as Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 Megaman-esque sequel, and Chris Robert’s phenomenally successful Star Citizen which is a Wing Commander/Star Lancer follow up.

Shadow of the Eternals has had a troubled history, with rumors circulating that its early development at Silicon Knights was the cause for the distracted, slap dash production of X-Men: Destiny, the failure of which was the final, financial nail in the coffin for the St. Catherines-based studio. Denis Dyack and a small core team then went on to form Precursor Games and attempted to appeal directly to fans by putting the game up on popular crowd funding website Kickstarter. The funding attempt failed, twice, with the initial $1.35 million for the first Kickstarter effort reduced to $750, 000 and still not meeting goals.

Officially the game has not been cancelled. In the same post, by Denis Dyack, he writes:

Is the project dead? No, but we feel it needs a rest too. We have all agreed as a group that when and if the time is right we will get together and start it up again.

This is a real shame, as the original Eternal Darkness was something of a minor cult hit among horror aficionados. Unfortunately, Denis Dyack’s notorious reputation (he’s one of the few developers to actually get banned from prominent gaming forum NEOGaf for antagonizing posters) has created a lot of tension in the gaming community. It’s created a conflict in the gaming community between a desire for a sequel crashing head on with a dislike and/or distrust of Dyack. Precursor Games, prior to shut down, was based in Hamilton, Ontario.