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Have a Weekend in with the PSN Flash Sale

Have a Weekend in with the PSN Flash Sale

Like a car salesman during the holidays, Sony is wheeling and dealing through the weekend with its Otherworldly Games Flash Sale on PSN, celebrating worlds

CGM Plays: Furi 1

CGM Plays: Furi

Cody and Shak sit down to check out the latest PS Plus offering, Furi and make as many terrible fury related puns as possible.

Alienation Lands in April

Alienation Lands in April

If you’re looking for some more twin-stick shooter action, than Housemarque has you covered.

Risk of Rain for PlayStation

Risk of Rain for PlayStation

The indie rogue-like title, Risk of Rain, that popped up on PCs back in 2013 is slated for an early release this year on PlayStation

Let's Play Velocity X2 - 2015-02-01 11:48:44

Let’s Play Velocity X2

Arien and Cody dive into Velocity X2, a unique and critically acclaimed downloadable title.

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