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Asus Those Who Dare Computex 2018 Lineup 1

Asus Those Who Dare Computex 2018 Lineup

Asus during their For Those Who Dare press event at Computex 2018 event, in Tapei, announced several new products, including a ROG-branded smartphone, several routers,

ASUS Gladius Mouse (Hardware) Review 3

ASUS Gladius Mouse (Hardware) Review

The Gladius is the new mouse offering from ASUS and the first to carry their prestigious Republic of Gamers badge. Moreover, it is the physical

ASUS G771J (Hardware) Review 2

ASUS G771J (Hardware) Review

At a glance, the new ASUS G771J should be a pretty formidable addition to the Republic of Gamers roster. You see, it’s packed with not

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