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Pixels & Ink #241 - Cody Hates Nintendo

Pixels & Ink #241 – Cody Hates Nintendo

On this week’s episode of Pixels and Ink Cody doesn’t hate Nintendo, he’s just very disappointed in them. Phil talks about Power Rangers and Robocop,

Chappie (Movie) Review 9

Chappie (Movie) Review

Few filmmakers from the last decade have burst onto the scene with the parade of deserved accolades that Neil Blomkamp received for District 9. His

CGM Sound Off: RoboCop Remake - 2015-02-01 15:22:23

CGM Sound Off: RoboCop Remake

On this week’s Sound Off we have Phil Brown filling in for Wayne, and he shares his thoughts on the new RoboCop remake. ——————————- Please

Robocop-2014 (Movie) Review 1

Robocop-2014 (Movie) Review

The Robocop remake is not as bad as everyone feared it would be, but that’s also not quite the same thing as the movie being

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