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The Top Ten Movies That Predicted VR 2

The Top Ten Movies That Predicted VR

Well, it finally happened. After years of being a staple of almost every sci-fi novel, comic book, movie, and video game, virtual reality helmets are

The Nice Guys (Movie) Review 8

The Nice Guys (Movie) Review

Shane Black has been a fixture of Hollywood’s action movie machine since his first script (written shortly out of college) turned out to be Lethal

Noah (Movie) Review 5

Noah (Movie) Review

To attempt to turn the story of Noah’s Ark into a blood-soaked blockbuster is insane. To do it in a way that alters the story

Man of Steel (Movie) Review 2

Man of Steel (Movie) Review

Like The Beatles, breathing, and sugary soda, everyone has a soft spot for Superman. After all, the guy was the first superhero to grace comics

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