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The Magic Circle (PlayStation 4) Review 6

The Magic Circle (PlayStation 4) Review

The Magic Circle is a satirical and fascinating look at what happens when developers don’t get along, causing their project to be stuck in development

The Green Inferno (Movie) Review 6

The Green Inferno (Movie) Review

It’s been two long years since Eli Roth’s cannibal horror revival picture The Green Inferno debuted at TIFF and it was almost starting to feel

Nightcrawler (Movie) Review 5

Nightcrawler (Movie) Review

Nightcrawler is one damn intriguing beast of a movie (and no, it has nothing to do with the X-Men regular. I apologize). For me, it

Gone Girl Movie Review 1

Gone Girl Movie Review

David Fincher emerged into the filmmaking out of the cesspool of music videos when MTV was at its peak. At the time, so many music

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