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Bloodborne is a Fantastic Risk 1

Bloodborne is a Fantastic Risk

I’m probably less than halfway through From Software’s Bloodborne, but I can already tell that it’s something special.

Knack (PS4) Review 1

Knack (PS4) Review

As an early PlayStation 4 adopter, there weren’t many games for me to sample in order to get a good feel for what the system

Rain (PC) Review 4

Rain (PC) Review

What you (don’t) see is what you get I’m of two minds about Rain.  Developed by PlayStation C.A.M.P., the studio behind the quirky, also PS3-exclusive

Puppeteer (PS3) Review 2

Puppeteer (PS3) Review

Every now and then an exclusive game comes out for the PlayStation 3 console that reminds you why you bought it instead of (or in

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