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Starr Mazer: DSP Preview 6

Starr Mazer: DSP Preview

When I was asked to preview Starr Mazer, I thought I would be playing Imagos Softworks’ highly ambitious point-and-click adventure game that features SHMUP style

Super Galaxy Squadron EX (PC) Review 2

Super Galaxy Squadron EX (PC) Review

If Super Galaxy Squadron EX sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is a remake of a game that was already reviewed right here at

Project Root (Xbox One) Review 7

Project Root (Xbox One) Review

Project Root is a seemingly ambitious attempt to modernize the classic shoot ‘em up on consoles, but is a perfect example of the devil being

Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review 6

Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review

Super Galaxy Squadron evokes some of the very best of arcade shoot-em-ups. Bright colors burst on the screen, ships race frantically in the air, bullets,

Luftrausers (PC) Review 4

Luftrausers (PC) Review

A Rousing Good Time Well now, this looks familiar. It seems a fair few independent developers are finding success with recreating, improving, and iterating upon

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