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Gryphon Knight Epic (PC) Review 3

Gryphon Knight Epic (PC) Review

Cyber Rhino Studios’ Gryphon Knight Epic is, if nothing else, a very charming take on the side-scrolling shoot-‘em-up bullet-hell genre.

LISA (PC) Review 2

LISA (PC) Review

If LISA’s trying to say something bold, it’s not doing a very good job of doing so. At the start, I was treated to a

Child of Light (Xbox One) Review 4

Child of Light (Xbox One) Review

Once Upon A Time… I’ve actually very little idea of how to begin this review. Child of Light is one of those games where the

Zack Zero (PS3) Review 1

Zack Zero (PS3) Review

Zack Zero is a new PSN-exclusive game developed by Crocodile Entertainment, and represents the company’s first foray into game development. The game is quite colourful,

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