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Two Point Hospital (PC) Review 8

Two Point Hospital (PC) Review

Management sims used to dominate the PC landscape back in the 90’s. It would be hard to pick up a magazine, look at a demo

EA Shuts Down Maxis - 2015-03-04 16:06:52

EA Shuts Down Maxis

Just when you think Electronic Arts might not be as evil as they once were, something comes along to remind you that they, are, after

You Can Now Play Sim City Offline

You Can Now Play Sim City Offline

The controversial 2013 reboot of SimCity has released a long overdue feature: offline play. EA announced today that a new downloadable update will let players enjoy

SimCity Is Going Offline...In A New Mode

SimCity Is Going Offline…In A New Mode

The SimCity reboot is finally letting users play without connection to the Internet. The news came this morning by way of Maxis General Manager Patrick

CGM Podcast March 08, 2013 - 2013-03-08 17:43:30

CGM Podcast March 08, 2013

This Weeks CGM Podcast the crew are joined by Phil Brown and they go over all the latest news stories that hit the comics and

SimCity (PC) Review 1

SimCity (PC) Review

Maxis may have the hardest job in game design there is. Managing the expectations of thousands of armchair city planners is something even municipal councils

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