Cthulhu Coming To Smite In Mid-June 2020

Cthulhu Coming to SMITE in Mid-June 2020

 |  Clement Goh
Cthulhu is coming as a featured character in Hi-Rez Studios’ free-to-play MOBA SMITE, adding another notable deity to the game’s collection. In a release, Hi-Rez stated the iconic character from H.P Lovecraft’s stories is “set to be one of the most memorable God releases” in the game’s history while it fits under SMITE‘s Great Old […]
Smite To Launch Free Anime Inspired Horde Mode

Arena Battle Game SMITE to Launch Free Anime Inspired Horde Mode

 |  Alex Handziuk
Smite, the online battle arena game will be getting a free anime inspired update later this month. 
Smite Season 5 Kicks Off With Revamped Map And New God 4

SMITE Season 5 Kicks Off With Revamped Map And New God

 |  Zubi Khan
SMITE Season 5 begins with a slew of new content, to kick off the new year.
Hi-Rez Studios Renews Hosting Agreement Partnership With Inap

Hi-Rez Studios renews Hosting Agreement partnership with INAP

 |  Jesse Cabral
Hi-Rez Studios, the studio behind the games SMITE, Paladins, and Hand of the Gods, has announced a multi-year renewal agreement for managed hosting and network services at INAP’s Atlanta data centre. After 10 years of partnership, Hi-Rez chose to stay with INAP due to their ability to support a flexible managed hosting solution built to […]
Smite: Artio God Guide 2

Smite: Artio God Guide

 |  Jesse Cabral
The newest god to the battlefield of SMITE has been released. Artio, The Bear Goddess, has rampaged through the forest of SMITE and she now stands ready to protect the balance of things. But no one breaks the rules like gods, and Artio stands ready to remind them to respect the rules. Early Game At level one, grab […]
Hi-Rez Studios Releases Updates To Their Games 2

Hi-Rez Studios Releases Updates to Their Games

 |  Jesse Cabral
Hi-Rez Studios has put out new content updates for all three of the company’s games. SMITE received a new god in the form of Artio, The Bear Goddess, Paladins received its newest hero in Janos, the Ascended, while Hand of the Gods received the biggest content update with the release of the newest pantheon in the game, […]
Smite Mid-Season Patch Brings Big Changes 2

Smite Mid-Season Patch Brings Big Changes

 |  Jesse Cabral
With Dreamhack Valencia and the finals of the Smite Summer Split happening, the SMITE mid-season is fast approaching. With the mid-season, players can expect some large changes to the game from both a balance and technical perspective.
Battle For Chivalry In Smite'S Latest Patch

Battle for Chivalry in SMITE’s Latest Patch

 |  Jesse Cabral
Hi-Rez Studios has just released another patch for SMITE, this time releasing Cu Chulainn – The Hound of Ulster alongside a new event in the game.
Hi-Rez Brings Their Games Into 4K 1

Hi-Rez Brings Their Games Into 4K

 |  Jesse Cabral
Hi-Rez Studios is embracing Microsoft’s newest console as they are bringing their games, SMITE and Paladins, to Xbox One X.
Hi-Rez Drops Smite Rpg Dungeon Update

Hi-Rez Drops SMITE RPG Dungeon Update

 |  Jesse Cabral
Hi-Rez Studios has released a new SMITE adventure titled “The Trials of King Hercules.”

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