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Hi-Rez Conquers Atlanta: HRX 2017 1

Hi-Rez Conquers Atlanta: HRX 2017

Hi-Rez Expo 2017 (or HRX 2017) in Atlanta has come and gone, and as one of the bigger expos in North-eastern USA, it brought fans

Smite: Rivals Preview- Tower of Cards

Smite Rivals Preview- Tower of Cards

At this point, MOBAs have dethroned MMOs as the go-to online gaming experiences, with titles like League of Legends and Dota dominating the online gaming

Hi-Rez Announces Smite Rivals 1

Hi-Rez Announces SMITE Rivals

It seems everyone wants in on the virtual card game trend, thanks to Hearthstone. From Elder Scrolls to even The Witcher, it’s a craze that doesn’t seem to be

Smite Reveals The Morrigan

SMITE Reveals The Morrigan

Hi-Rez’s SMITE has become a major name since its launch. In a MOBA space primarily dominated by DotA 2 and League of Legends, the stalwart free-to-play game has earned a

Smite (PS4) Review

SMITE (PS4) Review

As a MOBA fan from the start with the original DOTA mod, it’s been interesting to see the genre wax and wane over time. Riot

Smite on PS4 Launches on May 31st 1

Smite on PS4 Launches on May 31st

Ever hear of an “Action MOBA”? Neither have I, but with over 20+ million players, at the very least, Smite seems to be popular enough. Now,

Smite PS4 Alpha Code Giveaway

Smite PS4 Alpha Code Giveaway – NA Only

Enter the battlefield of the gods. With over 70 playable dieties and mythical creatures Smite thrusts players into an online battlefield that will shake Mount

Smite Coming to PS4

Smite Coming to PS4

Have you ever wanted to play as a god and do battle with all the other gods? Well if you own a PS4, you will

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