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Manticore: Galaxy on Fire (Switch) Review 3

Manticore: Galaxy on Fire (Switch) Review

Manticore – Galaxy on Fire is actually the third game in the phone-based space shooter series, Galaxy on Fire, only without any pesky microtransactions and

Solar Shifter EX (Xbox One) Review 6

Solar Shifter EX (Xbox One) Review

The second I began playing Solar Shifter EX (a console port of a 2015 steam release) I was immediately reminded of my childhood and the

Space Food Truck Review (PC)

Space Food Truck (PC) Review

Space. The final frontier. We’ve seen so much space in games, from trying to protect it in Mass Effect or defying every conceivable law about

We are the Dwarves (PC) Review 1

We are the Dwarves (PC) Review

Many years ago, I experienced The Lost Vikings for the first time, which cemented my love for Norse mythology mixed with sci-fi. Imagine my surprise

Explore No Man’s Sky in June

Explore No Man’s Sky This June

A new trailer for the sci-fi exploration experience No Man’s Sky has finally given gamers a date to look forward too.

Beyond Sol (PC) Review 5

Beyond Sol (PC) Review

Beyond Sol is precisely the type of game I shouldn’t be allowed to play. It’s a game that’s far too easy to lose far too

Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review 6

Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review

Super Galaxy Squadron evokes some of the very best of arcade shoot-em-ups. Bright colors burst on the screen, ships race frantically in the air, bullets,

Jupiter Ascending (Movie) Review 7

Jupiter Ascending (Movie) Review

If there’s one thing that the Wachowskis have proven time and time again, it’s that they never do anything small. If the duo are going

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