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Dirty Bomb Preview: Blaze Of Glory

Dirty Bomb Preview: Blaze of Glory

 |  David Jagneaux
What do you get when you mix elements from games like Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, and Quake: Enemy Territory?
Happy Holidays From The Batman: Good Case For Holiday Themed Games 2

Happy Holidays from the Batman: good case for holiday themed games

 |  Reid McCarter
NOW I HAVE A BATARANG HO-HO-HO Die Hard is mostly about a lone cop facing down the group of terrorists who have taken over a Los Angeles office building. But it’s also a Christmas story that sees Bruce Willis’ John McClane doing everything in his power to reunite his family by fixing the troubled relationship […]

A series of Brink training videos

 |  Eric Weiss
How does digital parkour compare to the real thing?

Bethesda brings the fuzz with new Brink screenshots

 |  Eric Weiss
Check out the latest images from inXile’s upcoming shooter.

Brink release date moved up one week

 |  Eric Weiss
The new shooter from Bethesda will be here even sooner than expected.

Brink powers up with a new Abilities trailer

 |  Eric Weiss
The latest video resembles an unusually violent game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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