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The Top Five Movie Crucifixions

The Top Five Movie Crucifixions

Well, it’s Easter. You know, that springtime holiday filled with bunnies, chocolate eggs, and one of the most horrendous ways to die imaginable. We here

The Top Ten Halloween TV Specials

The Top Ten Halloween TV Specials

Halloween is here again, which is great news for anyone who likes ghosts and goblins and horror movies and novelty candy.

The Top Ten Witch Movies

The Ten Best Witch Movies of All Time

Recently, a lil’ horror movie called The Witch was released and caused quite a ruckus. Deservingly so, too. Rob Eggers’ film was one of the

8-Bit Horror For Halloween 2

8-Bit Horror For Halloween

You crazy kids with your modern horror games. Working though the latest Silent Hill or Left 4 Dead game really isn’t that far off from

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