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Every Announcement From Pdxcon 2019 1

Every Announcement From PDXCON 2019

 |  Madeline Ricchiuto
Paradox Interactive held their annual PDXCON conference this weekend to make several key announcements about their various game properties. The biggest reveal of the weekend was the announcement of Crusader Kings III, though most of their live games will be getting major expansions like Stellaris‘s Federations expansion or Hearts of Iron IV‘s La Resistance. After […]
Stellaris: Console Edition Review

Stellaris: Console Edition Review

 |  Preston Dozsa
A grand strategy game on consoles is difficult to make for a number of reasons, least of all the massive change in control scheme required for the switch. A keyboard and mouse setup is easy to build a user interface around, while a gamepad is much more limiting by comparison. But in porting Stellaris to […]
Pdxcon 2018 Tickets Are Available At The Beginning Of February

PDXCON 2018 Tickets are Available at the Beginning of February

 |  Nathan Shubert
Paradox Interactive announced that tickets for PDXCON are going to be available for purchase at the beginning of February. 
An Apocalypse Is Coming To Stellaris

An Apocalypse is Coming to Stellaris

 |  Nathan Shubert
It has just been announced that the popular mass strategy game Stellaris is getting an expansion.
Synthetic Dawn Story Announced For Stellaris Available September 21

Synthetic Dawn Story Announced For Stellaris, Available September 21

 |  Zubi Khan
Paradox Interactive has announced details surrounding their highly anticipated expansion pack for Stellaris — known as Synthetic Dawn. The upcoming Synthetic Dawn story pack for Stellaris will be priced at $9.99 or $12.20 CAD and will be available on September 21. Martin Anward, game director for Stellaris shed some light on the forthcoming Synthetic Dawn story pack. […]
Stellaris (Pc) Review

Stellaris (PC) Review

 |  Eric Watson
Grand Strategy games have been around for awhile – a genre coined and perfected by Swedish developers Paradox Interactive.
Stellaris Shatters Day One Sales Record For Paradox 1

Stellaris Shatters Day One Sales Record For Paradox

 |  Jesse Lyle
It’s to the cosmos and beyond for Paradox Interactive after the launch of their latest game Stellaris last night, which has reportedly broken their Day One sales record.

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