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The Flash Set Photos Leak To Reveal Michael Keaton Batman'S Wayne Manor

The Flash Set Photos Reveal Michael Keaton Batman’s Wayne Manor

 |  David Carcasole
Set photos from The Flash film have revealed the return of Wayne Manor from when Michael Keaton played the titular role.
Ezra Miller'S Flash Movie Plot Revealed

Ezra Miller’s Flash Movie Plot Revealed

 |  Alex Handziuk
As part of their Fan Dome presentation, DC Comics has shed more light on their upcoming Flash movie.
The Flash Season 3 Ep 2 (Tv) Review 3

The Flash Season 3 Ep 2 (TV) Review

 |  Boyd Reynolds
Barry Allen has made a mistake. Travelling back in time to save his mother, he changed his personal life, oddly, for the better. Barry lived a life with his parents, was generally content and even asked Iris out on a date. Heck, he didn’t need to be The Flash anymore. So what’s the problem? Only […]
The Flash Season 3 Ep. 1 (Tv) Review 1

The Flash Season 3 Ep. 1 (TV) Review

 |  Boyd Reynolds
“Flashpoint.” That word is synonymous with change in the DC Comics universe. And change is exactly how the first episode of The Flash’s third season begins. Picking right up where Season 2 ended when Barry Allen aka The Flash went back in time and stopped his mother’s murder. By eliminating that event, Allen has a […]
Suicide Squad (2016) Review 1

Suicide Squad (2016) Review

 |  Phil Brown
If you’ve had internet access over the last few years, then chances are you’ve been inundated with images from Suicide Squad. It’s that weird little stepchild to Batman V. Superman that Warner Brothers planned to help launch their extended DC Cinematic Universe. You know, the one with all the tattoos and Hot Topic outfits. The […]
Pixels And Ink: Episode 202 - Wars Of Civility

Pixels and Ink: Episode 202 – Wars of Civility

 |  Jordan Biordi
In this week’s Pixels and Ink podcast we engage in the most civil war you’ve ever heard. It’s brother against brother as Jordan and Phil go head-to-head about the quality of Starfox: Zero. Lisa tries to mediate, and Phil also saw some movies.
Dcu Justice League Vs Teen Titan Giveaway 1

DCU Justice League vs Teen Titan Giveaway

 |  Lisa Mior
CGM is giving away more movies! CGM has teamed up with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to give away some of the best movies in recent history. This month we are giving away DCU Justice League vs Teen Titans. After Robin’s volatile behaviour ruins a Justice league mission, he is sent to work with the Teen Titans. It […]
From Pencil To Pixels: A History Of Superhero Games 7

From Pencil to Pixels: A History Of Superhero Games

 |  Aleksander Gilyadov
Video games based on comic-book superheroes have been around for decades now. Though there were a handful released before the NES, they only gained prominence on Nintendo’s first-ever platform. But suffice it to say, for the most part, superhero games have been rather poor. Both developers and publishers have struggled to really capture the essence […]
Cw’s The Flash Poised To Introduce Familiar Faces 3

CW’s The Flash Poised to Introduce Familiar Faces

 |  Tim Morrell
CW’s The Flash has hit the ground running this season with cameos of other speedsters and there is good reason to believe there is more to come. With the studio constantly expanding the universe with these characters, it is opening up the realm of possibility of other iconic DC Comics characters to enter the fray. […]
Justice League: Mortal Could’ve Changed The Game 3

Justice League: Mortal Could’ve Changed the Game

 |  Tim Morrell
Do you remember the cancelled Justice League movie that was supposed to come out in 2007 by George Miller? Yeah, the guy behind the Mad Max films. I’ll give you a second to digest what kind of action movie we could’ve got. Whenever you are finished fantasizing about that I have some good news for […]

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