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Isle of Dogs (2018) Review

Isle of Dogs (2018) Review

Isle of Dogs is a movie that begins with a notification. “All dog barks have been translated into English.”

Dr. Strange (Movie) Review

Doctor Strange (Movie) Review

As the Marvel brand slides into blockbuster ubiquity, the studio needs to take care in ensuring that they aren’t just the most successful superhero factory

The Zero Theorem (Movie) Review 2

The Zero Theorem (Movie) Review

Terry Gilliam is quite possibly the most underrated filmmaker of his generation. After providing the animation and visual aesthetic for the Monty Python comedy troupe

Only Lovers Left Alive (Movie) Review 2

Only Lovers Left Alive (Movie) Review

In an age when vampires have been robbed of their dignity by teeny-bopper romance, a savior for the bloodsuckers has arrived in an unlikely source.

Ten Genre Films To Watch At TIFF 2013 3

Top Ten Genre Movies of TIFF 2014

Well, it’s that time a year again. The Toronto Film Festival has come to town with all of the celebrities, filmmakers, egos, talent, and of

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