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Bloodborne is a Fantastic Risk 2

Bloodborne Comic Incoming from Titan Comics

Fans of Bloodborne rejoice, From software’s hard-as-nails lovecraftian romp. The new comic will be published by Titan comics. Bloodborne originally released back in 2015 and was

Titan to Produce a New Tekken Comic

Titan to Produce a New Tekken Comic

Titan comics publishes an extremely diverse catalogue of comic books ranging from original books like Chimera Brigade and Peepland to its vast collection of licensed

The Chimera Brigade #1 (Comic) Review 1

The Chimera Brigade #1 (Comic) Review

Alternate history can be a difficult genre. When done well it can lead to some of the most interesting and lasting stories out there, like

Triggerman #1 (Comic) Review 1

Triggerman #1 (Comic) Review

Most people don’t really understand hard-boiled detective stories. A good portion of modern riffs on the formula have some dude in a fedora call women

Peepland #1 (Comic) Review 1

Peepland #1 (Comic) Review

I feel like I have always been a fan of comic books. Considering that my childhood was surrounded by exquisite examples of the medium both

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