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First 15: Far Cry 5 3

First 15: Far Cry 5

CGM’s Cole Watson presents the first 15 minutes of Far Cry 5, featuring cultists, customization and country roads.

Vivendi Surpasses 25 Per Cent Stake in Ubisoft, Reaching 30 Per Cent Offer Mark 1

Ubisoft Employees Fined for Insider Trading

Ubisoft has been facing a tough year on the stock market as French media conglomerate Vivendi continues to purchase significant portions of their stocks. Now, it seems

Can Assassin’s Creed Make for a Good Film? 1

Can Assassin’s Creed Make for a Good Film?

Videogame movies don’t have a great track record. There may be entertainment to be had in the appropriately schlocky tone of Paul W.S. Anderson’s long-running

The Burden of Choice in Far Cry 4 - 48903

The Burden of Choice in Far Cry 4

This article discusses significant plot points from Far Cry 4, including details regarding the game’s ending. *** Ajay Ghale, the protagonist of Far Cry 4,

Videogames Need Better Stories 1

Videogames Need Better Stories

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer by trade, but I’m always incredibly disappointed when an otherwise interesting-looking game turns out to have a crummy story.

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