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Vivendi Surpasses 25 Per Cent Stake in Ubisoft, Reaching 30 Per Cent Offer Mark 1

Ubisoft Employees Fined for Insider Trading

Ubisoft has been facing a tough year on the stock market as French media conglomerate Vivendi continues to purchase significant portions of their stocks. Now, it seems

What's The Problem With Ubisoft?

What’s The Problem With Ubisoft?

With the latest installment in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise launching with a slew of bugs and problems, Wayne takes some time to look at what

Watch Dogs Online Issues - 2014-05-27 13:06:23

Watch Dogs Online Issues

Those who want to test out Watch Dog‘s online, might experience some long wait times. Earlier today the Watch_Dogs twitter account tweeted this. We are

CGM Lunch Breaks - Watch Dogs

CGM Lunch Breaks – Watch Dogs

This week we have Mr. Drekken Pownz joining us as our special guest on Lunch Breaks. Cody and Drekken play through the first 20 minutes

Watch Dogs (PS4) Review 5

Watch Dogs (PS4) Review

The Hype Train Pulls In When Ubisoft debuted a PC demo of Watch Dogs to the world in 2012, they failed to name the platforms

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