Her Story Writer Sam Barlow Joins Interlude

Her Story Writer Sam Barlow Joins Interlude 1

Her Story was a game that blew people away last year. It not only used FMV video, it did it in a way that was strangely compelling. The writer behind that game, Sam Barlow is moving on and will now be working at Interlude as the Executive Creative Director.

Interlude, a company that is pioneering next generation interactive video that has emotional intelligence  announced today that Sam Barlow would be joining the team.

In a statement on the matter, Barlow said “As a storyteller, my passion is to create emotional experiences and to use interactivity as a way of making them resonate in the hearts of the audience,” he went on to say that “Interactive video is poised to be a revolutionary medium for exploring these goals. When I saw the work Interlude is doing and the platform they are creating, I felt that we were on the same journey. Our dream is personalized, reactive stories with a heightened emotional impact. I am excited for us to define this medium and create something that is more than games and more than video.”

Sam Barlow, most recently known for Her Story, has been making since his cult hit in 1999 Aisle.  Barlow has an extensive resume of working on games that connect with the player on a personal level.. When he worked on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, he built a game profiled the player, engrossing them in a truly terrifying silent hill experience, like no other. With Her Story he reinvented the FMV game for the YouTube generation with spectacular results.

Spealking on the matter of Barlow joining the team, Yoni Bloch, a founder and CEO of Interlude stated “The creators of this new medium will come from many disciplines. Sam Barlow is the very best in the field of combining gaming and video to evolve a new kind of entertainment.  We are very excited to have him join us to help envision the future of entertainment.”

Barlow has built some exciting stories within the game space, it will be exciting to see what he does next now that he is at Interlude. Only time will tell, but we at CGMagazine are interested to see the next story from Sam Barlow.

You can find out more about Interlude at their website, available here.

Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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