About CGMagazine

CGMagazine is a Print and Digital magazine that takes a critical eye to gaming, comics, tech and media. Founded in 2010, CGMagazine has stood as a strong and independent voice that explores all aspects of the media you love.

About 29

Originating as a monthly Canadian print publication in 2010, Comics & Gaming Magazine has since expanded to include a globally-distributed digital magazine, as well as a thriving website; all of which seek to explore the culture and news of comics, gaming, and film as they relate to a mature audience. With comics and gaming now at the forefront of media popularity, CGMagazine endeavours to better connect our readers with their hobbies, be that through topical news, reviews, interviews with industry veterans and newcomers alike; providing insight into these mediums’ influences in, and impact on our culture.

As comics and gaming continue to earn their legitimacy as art forms and evolve with the times, so too do their fan bases. No longer outlets seemingly “just for kids,” comics and gaming have expanded to deliver deeply personal and immersive experiences that few other mediums can claim to offer. Likewise, CGM strives to remain at the forefront of journalism in these fields, treating the mediums, and our readers, with the respect that befits these now multi-billion-dollar industries and the communities that drive them.

Realizing that different people have different expectations and appreciations for comics and gaming, CGM is where readers can expect to find a meaningful exploration of what it takes to create the grayscale complexity that defines this culture that is still all too often misunderstood as simply black or white.

The CGMagazine Team

  • Brendan Frye

    With over a decade of experience in gaming, he brings a sense of knowledge and insight to CGMagazine. Brendan started covering media, including games and film, and currently works daily to bring the readers of CGM the best content possible.
  • Dayna Eileen

    Family & Content Executive Editor
    Dayna began at CGMagazine as a columnist with the family-centred tech and gaming column, Parental No-Scope. She absolutely loves introducing the people she knows to her love for games and nerd culture. You can find her on social @thedaynaeileen where she will talk all about her tech and gaming adventures.
  • Chris de Hoog

    RPG Editor
    A writer and podcaster from Ontario, Chris discovered roleplaying games with Final Fantasy on the NES and has been overthinking them ever since.
  • Jordan Biordi

    Nintendo Editor
    Jordan Biordi is a long-time Editor at CGM, as well as actual self-trained ninja. When he's not busy combating the forces of evil, he makes videos on the hilariously mediocre Youtube channel: Ninja Reviews.