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Sekiro Boss Guide - How To Defeat Gyoubu Oniwa In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 3
Apr 19, 2019
How to take down the Gyoubu Oniwa boss

Sekiro Boss Guide – How to Defeat Gyoubu Oniwa in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Though you will face many tough mini-bosses in the early hours of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the first proper boss, Gyoubu Oniwa, is another challenge entirely. With his high movement speed and lon…

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Beginner’s Tips And Tricks Guide
Mar 26, 2019
Prepare to Die in Japan Again and Again

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Beginner’s Tips and Tricks Guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice may be a Souls game, but it’s rules are very different from its brethren. And regardless of whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, it’ll take some time to understand what…

Top 10 Best Locations To Drop In Apex Legends
Mar 7, 2019
Stop, Drop and Loot

Top 10 Best Locations to Drop in Apex Legends

As of right now, Apex Legends only has one map, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to learn. King’s Canyon is filled with unique nooks and crannies and its sheer size and verticality will leav…

Apex Legends Review 5
Feb 13, 2019
Coming in Guns Blazing

The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked From Worst to Best

Now that Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has been out for over a week, fans have started to decide exactly which guns best suit their individual playstyles. Apex has a wide array of weapons, a…

Destiny 2 Guide: Solstice Of Hero Armour Upgrading Explained
Aug 2, 2018
get to 400 power before the Forsaken expansion

Destiny 2 Guide: Solstice of Hero Armour Upgrading Explained

Destiny 2’s latest expansion pack is still a ways off, but in the meantime, Bungie has released a limited-time Summer Solstice themed event called the Solstice of Heroes.

Fortnite Guide:  Where To Find Season 5 Anniversary Event Birthday Cake Locations
Jul 27, 2018
Have your Cake and Dance with it too

Fortnite Guide: Where to Find Season 5 Anniversary Event Birthday Cake Locations

In order to celebrate Fortnite’s first anniversary, Epic has released a specially themed challenge for Season 5. Players must hunt down limited time Birthday Cakes that have spawned throughout the …

No Man'S Sky Chromatic Metal Collecting Guide
Jul 27, 2018
The building blocks of your travels

No Man’s Sky Chromatic Metal Collecting Guide

With the second of coming No Man’s Sky, thanks to a massive new update that introduced a lot of new content for the once barren game, resource collection is now paramount, including the collection …

Epic Introduces Latest 4.3 Patch For Fortnite, Adds Mushrooms And More 1
Jul 19, 2018
Earn those Battle Stars for Week 2

Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 Challenges Outlined

The second of week challenges is now live for Season 5 of Fortnite — thankfully, none of the new challenges this week requires anything too crazy, instead, most of them focus on simply just playing…

How To Get The Golden Axe In Octopath Traveler 4
Jul 17, 2018
Not Endorsed by Sega

How to get the Powerful Golden Axe Weapon in Octopath Traveler

With the release of Octopath Traveler, many players who might be new to JRPGS or just those who might need a little help in getting over a particularly difficult encounter should consider grabbing …

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