What are the Rarest Fortnite Skins In 2023?

what are the rarest fortnite skins in 2023 23030903

Fortnite, the global gaming sensation that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of players worldwide, is renowned for its thrilling combat, constantly evolving virtual world, and abundance of skins that players can earn or purchase. While each new update brings a slate of fresh skins to the table, there are some rarities that have vanished from the game, leaving collectors scrambling to acquire the ultimate prize.

Amidst the vast array of skins available in the game, from Creed, to the many Star Wars character tie-ins, a select few stand out as being truly rare, with some never seen in-game for years. The list of these valuable digital assets ranges from the unexpected to the unknown, but all share a common distinction: they are coveted by Fortnite enthusiasts worldwide.

At CGMagazine, we have scoured the charts and compiled a comprehensive list of the rarest skins in Fortnite Battle Royale — from the game’s debut in 2017 to the present day, including the most recent Chapter 4: Season 1. 

Here is the list of the rarest Fortnite skins

Aerial Assault Trooper

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Aerial Assault Trooper Fortnite Skin

In the early days of Fortnite, before the introduction of the infamous Battle Pass, the Aerial Assault Trooper skin made its debut alongside the now-legendary Renegade Raider. However, it was only available in the Item Shop during Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1, and players had to spend 1,200 V-Bucks and reach level 15 to add it to their collection.

While reaching the required level for the Aerial Assault Trooper wasn’t as strenuous, most players opted to snag the Renegade Raider instead, paving the way for her to become a beloved and far more recognizable character in the Fortnite universe.

Renegade Raider

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Renegade Raider Fortnite Skin

While the design of the Renegade Raider may seem unremarkable compared to more recent skins, this Fortnite classic holds a special place in the hearts of veteran players. It was a coveted item shop exclusive skin during Chapter 1 Season 1; only those who reached level 20 and spent 1,200 V-Bucks could add it to their arsenal.

Wearing the Renegade Raider skin during a match signals to other players that you are a battle-hardened veteran who has honed your skills on The Island since its inception.


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Galaxy Fortnite Skin

Epic Games debuted Fortnite on mobile, and Samsung Galaxy device owners were given early access to the game. This partnership lasted for a while, offering exclusive cosmetics tied to new Samsung products-but none were as coveted as the Galaxy skin.

To claim this rare promotional skin, players had to purchase either the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Unfortunately, this cosmetic collectible has since been retired, making way for the younger Glow skin in 2019. Fans have despaired of ever getting their hands on the Galaxy skin again.

Last Seen: 972 days ago

Travis Scott

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Travis Scott Fortnite Skin

Travis Scott, the enigmatic rapper and musical polymath, boasts a place among the elite ranks of Icon Series outfits in the ever-popular gaming phenomenon, Fortnite. Last unveiled for purchase in Chapter 2 Season 2, this coveted virtual garment has now been absent from the Item Shop for a staggering 995 consecutive days.

However, rumours have been circulating that the unfortunate events at one of Travis Scott’s concerts last year may have put the coveted outfit on the shelf for good. Reports surfaced of refunds being offered to those who purchased the skin, sparking speculation that it may indeed be headed for a permanent ban.

And yet, for the select few who held on to the Travis Scott Icon Series outfit, its value has never been higher. Its supposed banned status has imbued it with an aura of scarcity and exclusivity, making it a highly coveted possession to be traded and envied within the Fortnite community. Its value, pegged at a whopping 1500 V-Bucks, speaks to the immense cultural impact of this virtual collaboration between two of the world’s most passionate fandoms.

Last Seen: 1036 Days


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Omega Fortnite Skin

Omega, the iconic skin that debuted in Fortnite as the ultimate prize of the Chapter 1 Season 4 Battle Pass, was an instant classic among fans of the gaming phenomenon. Players who dedicated themselves to grinding through the ranks of the Battle Pass had the privilege of unlocking the skin’s five different styles and an array of colours that elevated Omega to a status of unparalleled coolness.

As Fortnite’s popularity continued to skyrocket, acquiring Omega became an increasingly prestigious accomplishment, granting those who possessed it a sense of “original gangster” status. The scarcity of this fame-inducing skin, perfect for flaunting in virtual arenas, only served to increase its appeal among the game’s passionate community.

Those fortunate enough to acquire Omega during its initial release and unlock its coveted styles have acquired an asset of the highest value. Such lucky individuals have access to a digital good that is both inherently valuable and a sign of exclusivity, showing they own one of the rarest Fortnite skins, branding them with a badge of honour among the legions of the game’s loyalists.

Blue Team Leader

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Blue Team Leader Fortnite Skin

Blue Team Leader, a striking military-style outfit adorned in shades of blue and white, is a rare skin that exists solely within the realm of Fortnite and is accessible only to a select few players. This exclusive costume is the product of a limited-time promotion between the popular gaming phenomenon and PlayStation. It is the pride and joy of PlayStation Plus subscribers who successfully snagged it as part of the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack, available solely from the PlayStation Store.

With a unique design that features a helmet, goggles, and backpack that embodies the essence of a battle-hardened soldier, Blue Team Leader is a true rarity within the vast universe of Fortnite skins. For those who possess this treasure trove of digital goods, it represents a badge of honour and a testament to their unique partnership with PlayStation, rendering it both a source of pride and envy among the community.

Astro Jack

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Astro Jack Fortnite Skin

Fortnite’s Astro Jack skin is a cosmic masterpiece that has captured the imagination of gamers around the world. But don’t just take our word for it – the now-rare Fortnite skin was a runaway hit when it was released in April 2020 during Chapter 2 Season 2, as part of the Travis Scott event.

But controversy arose when Epic Games announced a potential ban on the Travis Scott outfit, casting doubt on the possibility of Astro Jack’s resurgence. After all, Astro Jack is closely associated with Scott’s music and persona and would be difficult to market independently. As a result, many have resigned themselves to the idea that the enchanting Astro Jack skin may never grace the shelves of the Item Shop again and indeed have been removed.

For the lucky few who were able to snag this skin for its 2000 V-Bucks value, it remains a source of pride – a rare and valuable addition to their Fortnite arsenal. Its scarcity has only added to its allure, cementing its place as an irreplaceable part of a lucky few’s Fortnite experience.

Last Seen: 1036 Days


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Rue Fortnite Skin

Fortnite’s Rue skin is something of an enigma in the gaming world. It has appeared twice in the item shop, but has been unavailable for a staggering 965 days, effectively disappearing into thin air. But that’s not the only reason for Rue’s mysterious aura. Recently, the skin was banned due to its disturbing overtones and allusions to symbols reminiscent of certain wartime regime clothing.

It’s unlikely that Rue will ever make a triumphant return to the Item Shop. This has only increased its appeal among Fortnite aficionados, who were lucky enough to secure it early on for a paltry 1200 V-Bucks. The rarity factor has made the Rue Skin a highly coveted asset, a prized possession for those who can lay claim to it.

Last Seen: 1006 Days


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IKONIK Fortnite Skin

Fortnite skins come and go, but few have ever achieved the status of IKONIC — a rare and prized outfit that was only available to the most dedicated and privileged players. Acquiring this coveted item was no easy feat and never just appeared in Fortnite’s item shop; one had to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 device, but only before the fateful month of September 2019. The outfit’s standout design, inspired by Jung Chanwoo of the renowned K-Pop group iKON, was truly a sight to behold, making it one of the most coveted skins ever for its beauty and aesthetics.

Unfortunately, IKONIC’s reign was to be short-lived. In September 2019, it was replaced by Glow — a new, albeit less impressive, outfit — leaving many Fortnite enthusiasts disappointed. The absence of the iconic skin was felt instantly, and there has been no way to unlock it ever since.

Nevertheless, for those who were fortunate enough to obtain IKONIC, the outfit will always be a badge of honour, revered as one of the greatest exclusive skins in the game’s history. The combination of limited availability and a hefty price tag associated with the Samsung Galaxy S10 render IKONIC one of the rarest skins one could ever hope to encounter in Fortnite, and its beauty and unique design make it an irresistible addition to any collection.

Special Forces

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Special Forces Fortnite Skin

Fortnite’s Special Forces skin has a storied history, available during season Chapter 1 Season 1 as an Item Shop exclusive. With a price tag of 1,200 V-Bucks, it became something of a collector’s item. Though it briefly reappeared in January 2019, the Special Forces skin has been conspicuously missing from the game ever since.

While fans have caught glimpses of the Special Forces character in other capacities, such as its recurring role as a quest-giving NPC in Chapter 2, Season 7, its return to the item shop remains uncertain. As the skin’s cult popularity continues to grow, fans remain hopeful that it will make a triumphant comeback soon.

Last Seen: 1495 Days

Black Knight

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Black Knight Fortnite Skin

The Black Knight skin was a unique accomplishment for avid Fortnite players, earned only by maxing out the first-ever Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass. This accomplishment required players to not only purchase the Battle Pass but also reach level 70, making ownership of this skin extremely rare.

While it’s true that the level requirement for the Black Knight wasn’t as steep as the 100-level modern Battle Passes, it’s worth remembering that this feat was accomplished in 2017, when the player base was significantly smaller. With four years having passed since then, the chances of encountering another player wearing the Black Knight skin in a Battle Royale match are extremely slim. Those who own this exquisite cosmetic treasure can consider themselves true unicorns in the Fortnite community.

Last Seen: 1842 days

Golden Peely

Strongwhat Are The Rarest Skins In Fortnite In 2023Strong 23030903 27
Golden Peely Fortnite Skin

The alluring Golden Peely Skin, a shimmering gold variation of Agent Peely, can only be unlocked by truly dedicated players who’ve spent hours exploring Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass. That’s because reaching the required level of 300 required a steely resolve and a clear strategy to consistently complete challenges and level up.

Perhaps it’s this difficulty that has made the Golden Peely a source of pride for the select few who have managed to snag it. Possessing this rare skin is akin to having a rare gem in your pocket – something to brag about not only to other Fortnite fans, but to the gaming community at large.

Double Helix

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Double Helix Fortnite Skin

Once again, Fortnite fans were treated to a blue-ribbon skin that was exclusively available through the purchase of an expensive device. The Double Helix skin was part of a Nintendo Switch x Fortnite bundle that also provided players with a DLC code for additional cosmetics and 1,000 V-Bucks.

While the cost of purchasing the console was exorbitant enough, the Nintendo Switch x Fortnite bundle is no longer a standard offering from most retailers. For gamers who crave this rare Fortnite collectible, securing one from a third-party seller is the best bet — but be warned, it’s certainly not a cheap endeavour. Obtaining the Double Helix skin requires more than just a financial commitment; it requires the persistence and resilience to scour marketplaces and online forums until you strike gold.

Honor Guard

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Honor Guard Fortnite Skin

Fortnite’s Honor Guard skin has made a name for itself as one of the most expensive skins to own. The catch? It’s only available to those who have invested in the Honor View 20 smartphone, making this skin one of the most expensive in Fortnite history.

While the Honor Guard skin can still be added to one’s inventory, the sky-high price of admission, coupled with brand loyalty to the likes of Apple and Samsung, makes it one of the rarest skins in the Fortnite universe. Whether due to scarcity, rarity, or both, the fact remains that few can boast of owning this coveted cosmetic collectible. Additionally, it seems that the Honor Guard skin is rarely if ever, spotted in the heat of battle. Have you been lucky enough to come across someone wearing this gorgeous outfit in the game?

Black Widow

Strongwhat Are The Rarest Skins In Fortnite In 2023Strong 23030903 30
Black Widow Fortnite Skin

In 2018, as part of a Marvel skins tie-in with the blockbuster Marvel Avengers: Endgame, Fortnite debuted the original iteration of the iconic Black Widow skin during Fortnite Season X. However, this notable cosmetic collectible has disappeared from the item store as of May 2019.

While Black Widow has since resurfaced in the game in the form of the Snow Suit skin, inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s costume in the Black Widow movie, the OG Black Widow skin has yet to return. Even though the spy thriller film is now available for streaming worldwide, the elusive Black Widow skin remains a coveted prize among Fortnite fanatics. Will it ever make a triumphant return? Only time will tell.

Last Seen: 1393 Days

Royale Bomber

Strongwhat Are The Rarest Skins In Fortnite In 2023Strong 23030903 31
Royale Bomber Fortnite Skin

Fortnite’s Royale Bomber skin is another one of the OG elusive cosmetic contenders that most players probably won’t come across. Back in 2018, this skin was introduced exclusively as part of a PlayStation 4 x Fortnite bundle and later as part of a DualShock 4 controller bundle.

While it’s still possible to get your hands on this outdated skin if you’re willing to go the extra mile, doing so will undoubtedly be a costly endeavour. But even if you’re willing to pay the exorbitant amount, some might argue that the Royale Bomber skin isn’t worth it anyway — especially when compared to the superior skins that Fortnite has spawned in the years since. While the Royale Bomber may be nothing to write home about aesthetically, the rarity factor may be enough for some to consider it a valuable collectible.

The Reaper

Strongwhat Are The Rarest Skins In Fortnite In 2023Strong 23030903 32
The Reaper Fortnite Skin

In the world of Fortnite, the Reaper skin from Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass was a badge of honour earned by only the most dedicated players, who managed to max out the pass at level 100. Granted, the skin bore a striking resemblance to John Wick, the Keanu Reeves character from the infamous movie franchise.

However, things took a bizarre turn when Epic Games dropped an official John Wick skin for Fortnite in 2019. The implications of this move were profound — it introduced two nearly identical skins to the game. Here’s the thing: The John Wick skin continues to show up in the item shop, becoming more and more common over time. Meanwhile, The Reaper skin, once a coveted gem, remains one of Fortnite’s rarest skins Because of this, it’s become a running joke in the community.

Last Seen: 1774 days

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