Ethics Policy

CGMagazine upholds itself to a strict Principles for Ethical Journalism that helps both the writers and editors, along with the readers ensure a level of professionalism and accuracy to all the reporting featured on CGMagonline, and in the print edition of CGMagazine. CGMagazine will update the policy as new technologies and situations arise to keep the commitment to quality and accuracy.


CGMagazine will put all effort into verifying the accuracy of all facts and details reported, and will not rush a story out to beat other outlets if it could compromise the accuracy of the reporting featured.

CGMagazine will also do its best to verify the accuracy and identity of any source the magazine uses in any coverage. CGM will also maintain anonymity of a source if requested for professional or personal reasons, while still maintaining the integrity of any information used in coverage.

Though CGMagazine will edit content for clarity and readability, the magazine and its editors will never change the meaning of quotes or statements, or mislead the readers with any information that is not verified or taken out of context.

Even with all the checks and balances in place, CGMagazine, its writers, and editors can make mistakes, and if this is to happen, the magazine will be clear, upfront and transparent about the error, and make every effort possible to fix or clarify any issues in reporting.


CGMagazine respects the rights of people and businesses involved in any news story covered on CGMagonline or in the pages of CGMagazine. We will make every effort to tell both sides of a story, and report information faily without letting personal bias change or colour reporting whenever possible.

CGMagazine will avoid any stereotypes regarding race, gender, religion or personal beliefs in reporting, and will try to give all stories the care, attention and professionalism that they deserve. CGMagazine will also take extra care in any story that involves either directly or tangentially children or persons under the age of 15.


CGMagazine will respect privacy and will avoid personal attacks, or anything that will expose a private individual. While there is a need to get information about major events, new launches or breaking stories, CGMagazine will whenever possible keep personal information out of coverage.

CGMagazine will not manipulate, adjust or sensationalize the news to bring traffic or break a story, and will only report the acts as we know them, and have verified them. We will also reach out to any party involved to get all sides of a story, and will respect the privacy of individuals who give details when asked. Even if a story is breaking on social media, CGMagazine will ask for permission before using quotes, statements or other personal information or details in stories.


CGMagazine will avoid conflict of interest whenever possible with the magazine and our journalists. If there is any conflict either minor or serious discovered after a story goes live, the magazine will disclose this as soon as it is uncovered and ensure all information is clearly marked to give the readers all the details they need to make informed decisions.

The private lives of our journalists are not for public consumption, but if anything private does overlap with the work done at CGMagazine, this will be outlined clearly, and made clear in all coverage, no matter how small it may be.


CGMagazine will use sources for news and articles on the site and in the magazine. We will respect the privacy of these sources, but will verify the validity of anyone cited or used for an article. We will respect statements made on background when agreed to on both sides, and will ensure to never put a source’s safety over the need to get a story out. Anonymity is reserved for immediate and serious reasons, but we will address everyone on a case by case basis and will always use care and compassion when dealing with any topic brought forward.

CGMagazine in any interview or quote will always avoid changing or editing the words of any source or person. We believe it is not our place as journalists to change or adjust anything said during a conversation. While the writers and editors of CGMagazine will clean up transcripts for clarity, including removing filler words, changing the context or content of someone else’s thoughts is beyond the scope allowed.

If corrections are needed, each change must come from the original source, either via follow-up interviews, or through other forms of communication. All changes are at the discretion of CGMagazine, and if anything is adjusted, it will be made clear in the article, ensuring there is transparency for our readers, and the people involved in the story. It is also the policy of CGMagazine to not send questions in advance of interviews, although exceptions can be made for accessibility or at the discretion of the writer.


CGMagazine and its journalists will not conceal or mask the fact they are members of the press. This includes, but is not limited to while online, at an event, or when asking for information. While a journalist may do research and uncover information, they will never mislead a source, or misrepresent the nature of coverage they are working on.

CGMagazine will work to bring coverage with clarity and accuracy, and to this end, will never accept monetary compensation for scored reviews. All reviews are the opinions of the respective writers and editors, and no member of CGMagazine will ever try to influence this.