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How To Help Our Kids Choose Online Handles 1
May 10, 2021
Saving them from an Eternity of Embarrassment

Online Handles and How to Help Our Kids Choose Them

A mom looks into video game online handles, how that ties into online safety, and what to red flags to look for while your children are playing online.

Is Blue Light Really Affecting Our Children? 5
Apr 26, 2021
A Look into Blue Light Glasses and If They Work

Is Blue Light Really Affecting Our Children?

With adults and kids focused on screens more than ever, do we really need blue light glasses to protect ourselves from them?

How Young Is Too Young For Video Games 5
Apr 12, 2021
Can They Really Be Rated E For Everyone?

How Young is TOO Young For Video Games

With games like Fortnite in the forefront of gaming, a parent takes a look at how to judge if a video game is suitable for their child’s age range, and what kind of games they can look for.

How To Approach Streaming And Content Creation For Children 3
Mar 29, 2021
Video Games Are Replacing Our TV Time

How to Approach Streaming and Content Creation for Children

An avid gamer and parent explains all that streaming and video game content can bring to family time, and how to do it safely for all ages.

Surprising Ways To Keep In Touch During A Pandemic 12
Mar 15, 2021
How Technology Keeps us Together

Surprising Ways to Keep in Touch During a Pandemic

A look at how technology and video games have helped a mom, concerned about her children’s mental health, keep in touch with family during the pandemic.

To Women In Gaming On International Women’s Day 1
Mar 8, 2021
We Hear You! We See You! We Appreciate You!

To Women in Gaming on International Women’s Day

In honor of March 8, 2021 being International Women’s Day. I wanted to take the time to write to you, the women in the gaming industry – a love letter – just for you. You deserve it.

How We Managed Remote Learning 3
Mar 1, 2021
Online Learning and the Switch From Touch Screen to PC

How We Managed Remote Learning

A look into how children made the switch from in school to online learning, and how both children and parents adapted to using a PC instead of tablets.

Stranger Danger In An Online World
Feb 15, 2021
How to keep your kids safe and nerdy

Stranger Danger in an Online World

A parent’s tips on getting your kids into video games, and teaching them online safety while they explore the gaming universe.

Objectification Vs Attraction In Video Games 1
Feb 11, 2021
How the Changes to Mass Effect Has Sparked a Discussion on Objectification

Objectification vs Attraction in Video Games

The discussion around the Removal of scenes in Mass Effect shows that objectification and attraction is still unclear to people in video games.

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